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Why Join


Build your Portfolio and Expand your Network

If you’re studying the arts, you know how important it is to build a portfolio to establish your career and how valuable and rewarding it is to engage in meaningful projects that create real-world impact. You also know how valuable it is network with companies and fellow creatives. ArtKôz allows you to do that – and more. If you’re pursuing a career in the following areas:


Visual and Performing Arts


Video Production


Audio Production


Fashion Design




And More

Then we invite you to explore ArtKôz! Learn about company posted projects, post your own projects, and access resources on the dashboard here.


Connect & Collaborate

Through this platform, you can see projects posted by companies and or post your own projects for others to collaborate on and deliver through ArtKôz. Participate in student posted projects that match your skills and interests. Work with your school to complete company posted projects that may also qualify as capstone projects. Engaging on the platform can give you a foothold into the workforce and allow you to grow your portfolio.


Social Impact

Many of the companies that post projects on ArtKôz seek to make a positive difference in the world through fulfilling social responsibility objectives or missions. So, while you’re benefiting from this digital art platform through visibility of your art form and connections with companies that can provide you with workforce development experiences, you can also impact the world in a positive way. Causes supported by corporate and nonprofit organizations on ArtKôz may be in the areas of, but are not limited to:




Environmental Concerns


Public Health


Equal Opportunity


Human Rights

Find Out More

If you school is not a member and or you still have questions, contact us today!


Student Forum

Connect with Fellow Creatives and Grow Your Talent

The student forum is an excellent place to network with like-minded people, where you can brainstorm ideas, share experiences and otherwise connect with other creatives. You can network with people in your artistic discipline as well as people who are studying other forms of art.

Projects For Your Skill

Stay in the Know About Posted Projects

Stay active on the platform to learn about posted projects and work with your school to engage in projects that attract your interest and fit your unique skills. Your desirable contributions have the potential to attract the attention of employers and will build up your creative arts portfolio.


Collaborate. Anytime. Everywhere.

Connect with Everyone and Get the Work Done

You can meet other creative arts students who are participating in ArtKôz, and then work in groups and otherwise collaborate with like-minded people. This is especially helpful when projects require multi-disciplinary contributions but is an option with any projects.

Let’s Get Started!

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