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Help Students Establish Foundation & Community

You have talented creative arts students at your school, perhaps including those in:


Visual and Performing Arts


Video Production


Audio Production


Fashion Design




And More

You know that, all too often, their talent goes unnoticed. Creative arts students have limited opportunities to utilize their skills to engage in practical work experience outside of the classroom. Through ArtKôz, your institution can access  company posted projects and work with your students to create solutions that meets the needs of individual companies. Sponsored projects posted by companies may be in the areas of, but are not limited to:




Environmental Concerns


Public Health


Equal Opportunity


Human Rights

Learn more about how students are provided with opportunities to further enhance their skills and experience the world of competitive creative arts in an enriching way.

Join the growing list of school members today!

If you have questions about how ArtKôz will allow you to provide enriching opportunities and connections for your talented creative arts students, contact us today!


* Annual membership fee based on the size of the creative arts student body.

Free During the Pilot Period

Contact us for additional information.

Membership Fee

Offer Outstanding Opportunities for Your Creative Arts Students

Provide your students with real-life opportunities to contribute to arts-related projects needed by corporate and nonprofit organizations.

  • Receive 30 days of free access
  • Participate in hosted networking
  • Give Students unlimited access to valuable forums and online boards
  • Become part of a niche community
  • Promote the profile of your institution
  • Receive 24/7 customer support
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Become part of the Community

Extend Growth Opportunities to Students

Once your school becomes a member of ArtKôz, your creative arts students will be able to have unlimited access to networking and collaborative opportunities, and benefit from visibility in front of potential employers.

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