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Frequently Asked Questions: General

No. ArtKôz is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a social mission. Our goal is to provide a premiere platform that facilitates collaboration between companies, schools, and students to promote social impact initiatives through the arts.

Schools must be an accredited institution with a graduation completion rate of more than 50%.
Companies must be licensed and registered as a formal entity, e.g. LLC, 501(c) (3), S Corp, etc.

There are membership fees. Fees are charged on an annual basis and range depending on the member type. For example, schools are charged a fee based on the size of the creatives arts student body. Nonprofit organizations pay a reduced membership compared to corporate entities. Contact us at to learn more about our rates.

ArtKôz is completely free for active students whose schools are members. Membership does not expire, however, only active students may participate in ongoing projects. Alumni may still access the platform to collaborate and network with fellow creatives, access resources, engage in the discussion forums.

Social impact initiatives typically have a goal of advancing and or bettering various aspects of our society. Related projects tend to advance that goal. Social impact stem from wanting to address social justice issues in our society such as inequality, human rights violations, concerns for the environment, lack of access to basic needs, education, etc.

An example of a social impact initiative is the recent efforts by many companies to educate their staff on the impact of domestic violence on victims and their children. In order to accomplish this goal, educational tools such as videos and graphics are used to better convey information. A video for these purposes could be a sponsored project.

Sponsored projects may be art, graphic, video, audio, literature (e.g an essay, poem, article) or other media based. An example of such a project is the request by a company for students to create an animation short that illustrates the impact of bullying on students. This project would require a multi-disciplinary skill set as a script would be required, animation work, voice-over, and music sound-bed.

Yes, certainly. However, our niche are projects with a social impact focus. As long as projects meet the Terms of Use and fulfill on company objectives.

Companies explicitly note the payment terms within the project post. Companies then work with schools or students directly to facilitate payment. Payment details should be stated upfront by companies seeking to work with schools and students on projects. Compensation for any projects posted by ArtKôz will be paid by ArtKôz Group LLC via check to the school or student. Financial transactions are completed outside of the ArtKôz platform via a bank check.

Yes. ArtKôz will work with individuals on a case by case basis and may post projects on behalf of individuals if it is determined that the project meets our requirements and adds value to the community. Please contact us at for additional information.

Students or school advisors can submit the final project. If a project is being submitted by a student, please ensure that the submission form includes the name and contact of the school advisor.

Absolutely not. Please refer to our Terms of Use page. By being a member on ArtKôz, companies agree to engage in fair practices and respect intellectual property and not operate in a way that would be violate any of our terms.

No. Users own the rights to user created content, but please read the Terms of Use to ensure that you understand how ArtKôz may use content that is posted on the Site.

Posted projects will remain active until the project poster deletes the project. Be sure to remove posted projects from the the project page to keep the project page queue up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions by Schools

Yes, schools can submit up as many proposals as they want. It all depends on the level of student engagement that the school galvanizes.

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Yes, however, you must inform your school advisor. The support of your school advisor may increase the chances of your proposal being selected by a company.  Additionally, your school may have specific requirements regarding student engagement on ArtKôz, by informing your school advisor, you can ensure that you are following your school’s protocol.

No. Projects that are selected by sponsoring organizations may or may not offer specific rewards or opportunities. These will be clearly stated in the project descriptions.

Yes, cross art and cross school collaboration is strongly encouraged as this will help you develop and grow your network.

This depends on the project sponsor. For projects sponsored by companies, School advisors or students may submit based on your school’s protocol for student engagement. However, any project that is student sponsored, (meaning that the project is an original project idea submitted by a student seeking to recruit and work with fellow student creatives do not need to involve school advisers. Students can work with each other directly to share information, files, etc. as it pertains to the project. As long as the students abide by the Terms of Use and have clearly outline their project collaboration expectations.

Not at this moment, but your school might. You should contact your school’s student resource center to identify potential grants or funding for student projects.

It is best to talk to your school to learn about internship opportunities that they may have with Project Sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions by Companies

Not at all. Your membership grants you access to post as many projects as you want.

No, a company may select as many proposals as they want so long as the company explicitly states this in the sponsored project post description. However, please be cautioned that schools and students maybe less inclined to dedicate time, energy, and resources if that project may not get selected. Companies may also choose to compensate for as many projects as they are willing to accept.

Not directly. Companies may post internships, volunteer needs, or other opportunities (market research needs, e.g. surveys) directly on the ArtKôz job portal. However, much like when sponsored projects are posted, related post will be shared directly with the schools and students via notification by ArtKôz. Students will work within their school channels and process in order to engage in internship, market research request, or volunteer posted opportunities.

Schools have processes and policies with respect to student involvement with third party groups. These policies are intended to keep students safe, prevent liability issues, and are overall best practices that protects everyone’s best interest.

You may request modifications and changes within reason from the original proposal scope. If both parties cannot come to an agreement, a notification letter should be sent to ArtKôz at outlining the nature of the grievance. ArtKôz will convene all involved parties working with a third party arbitrator to identify a solution. Per the Terms of Service Agreement, no further action will be taken after this step by ArtKôz.

Every case is different, however, it is extremely likely that schools and students will engage with nonprofits that may not have the means to financially compensate as there is value in volunteering services, skill-sets, and or resources to a nonprofit for the school/student. For schools it may align with their community impact initiatives and for students, it may help to fulfill requirements for scholarship programs or certain classes.

For corporate and nonprofit companies as a whole, posted opportunities such as internships have an appeal for schools and students. The experiential learning that can be garnered from the company provided experience is of great value to schools and students. Many students engage in unpaid internships, but unpaid work does limit the talent pool.

Absolutely. So long as there is no outstanding balances owed to any party or open grievances.

Frequently Asked Questions by Potential Partners

Yes! We would love to practice what we preach and engage with collaborators to share resources and identify areas of intersection. This includes various educational consortium, groups, foundations, celebrities, athletes, you name it. Shoot us an email at and lets continue the conversation.

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